Woman travels to 7 wonders of the world in just 13 days

Brittany Jones Cooper
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Woman travels to 7 wonders of the world in just 13 days

Megan Sullivan and her boyfriend Chris McNamara traveled to the New 7 Wonders of the World in just 13 days. Photo: Megan Sullivan

Forget going around the world in 80 days, this woman did it in 13.

That’s right, it took traveller Megan Sullivan just 13 days to visit the New 7 Wonders of the World. With her boyfriend Chris McNamara by her side, Sullivan travelled 28,2111 miles across 12 countries. The San Francisco-based producer documented the entire journey on her blog, and the trip went viral after a Facebook post from Ashton Kutcher.

So what inspired this ambitious travel itinerary? Last winter, Sullivan experienced several near-death experiences that gave her a new perspective on life.

In November, Sullivan had a car accident, fell off of a cliff, and received a skin cancer diagnosis. Sullivan went to the doctor, and received a minor surgery to treat the cancer. The result was 13 days off of work, and the perfect opportunity to take a trip she always dreamed about.

“You start to think there’s no time like the present,” Sullivan told ABC News. “I just kind of planned it all backwards from 13 days, clocking it like once we land here, take a train to here and back, drive there.”

So last December, the couple embarked on their epic trip, following an extremely detailed itinerary that left very little room for error. In fact, when they landed in their first stop in Chichen Itza, the couple had just enough time to drive to the wonder and take a few photos, before driving the six hours back to the airport for a flight to Peru.

“If we had missed that flight it would have been a domino effect and the whole trip would have been over,” Sullivan said. “We just kept going back to the spreadsheet, checking, are we going to make it.”


The duo also had a close call with border patrol when a gate agent in India informed them that they didn’t have the correct VISA to travel to China. Luckily, Sullivan was able to talk her way out of the situation.

If this trip sounds unbelievable, you’re not alone. Even Sullivan has a hard time believing it happened. “It was a whirlwind,” Sullivan said. “Every time we’d go to a wonder we’d say, ‘I can’t believe we’re pulling this off right now.'”

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Travel.