Woman uses just glitter for epic make-up look

Sarah Carty

This woman has managed to contour her whole face using just glitter.

In true festive spirit British makeup artist Katie Butt ditched the traditional foundation, bronzer, blush and highlighter and replaced them all with nothing but pure glitter.

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And rather impressively, the make-up artist's glam look turned out pretty epic.

Make-up artist Katie Butt has done a full face of make-up using just glitter. Photo: Instagram.

"Thought I would do this for a bit of fun. Hope you guys like it," Katie Butt wrote underneath her Instagram video.

Katie, who looked pretty much like a cartoon disco ball by the end of the video, started off by using a neutral shade of glitter all over her face.

Then she used a bronzing glitter to contour her cheeks and a pop of purple glitter on her cheeks for a bit of colour.

As for the eyes, Katie used a brown glitter on the brows, a grey and chocolate glitter on the eyelids and a added some dramatic lashes for a finished look.

Katie used different colours of glitter to contour and highlight her face. Photo: Instagram.

The lips made the look really pop, with Katie filling them in with a deep red glitter.

The video comes after Fashion Week Australia was awash with glittery models back in May.

Glitter was the main attraction at the By Johnny show, where Maybelline makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus "salted" the models with a dusting of gold glitter, adding a dreamy highlighter to their faces.

It didn't stop there at the By Johnny show, as the girls' nails were painted with Maybelline Color Show nail polish in Latte, which was then sprinkled with glitter before another coat was added on top.

Katie's finished look was incredible. Photo: Instagram.

Sephora pulled out all the stops at the Romance Was Born show, which was inspired by ‘Liberace Angels’, aligning with the inspiration for the Whispering Angel Collection by the designers.

Bold colours and heavily glittered eyes brought to life the vibrant colelction by the designers and while it may not be to everyone's everyday taste, we're a massive fan of the gold glitter eyebrows Sephora creative director Linda Jefferyes created for the models.

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