Woman's unexpected reaction to anniversary gift

Sabrina Rojas Weiss

For their anniversary every year, Tricia and Brian Hewson had been sticking to the traditional themes — paper, cotton, leather, etc. — mostly because it helped give them new ideas for what to give each other. Their seventh anniversary this September called for something copper, but Tricia was not-so-secretly hoping they’d forgo that theme. What she really wanted was an inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex costume.

“It’s on my Amazon wish list six different times,” Tricia tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I kept seeing those videos of people riding a skateboard on it, or the series of pictures with the bride who did her first look photos inside one of those costumes, the marching band. I was like, ‘Oh my god, this brings me so much joy.’ … It just seemed like something that would make me smile every day, and it does, just knowing that I have it.”

This woman's reaction when she received a T. rex costume as an anniversary gift is just priceless. Source: Facebook

After a while, asking Brian for it became a bit of a funny shtick, and all her friends and family would periodically ask Tricia if he’d given it to her yet. “I understand that this is not that expensive, and I can buy it for myself; I’m a grown-up,” she says. “I think for me it became like a joke with my husband, like, how badly I wanted it.”

But Brian was adamant that he was not getting it for her, which explains Tricia’s ecstatic surprise in the video he shot of her opening up an Amazon package to reveal her coveted T. rex.

“I’m legit crying!” she says in the video, which has about 1,500 views on Facebook so far.

This is the costume. Source: Facebook

“I know how much my husband understands me, and I know how much he tries to make us happy and make me happy,” Tricia says. “He was like, ‘I really honestly don’t understand why this makes you as happy as it does, but I’m very excited.’ He’s baffled by my reaction being as big as it is.”

Since getting her T. rex last week, she’s done her part to spread that joy. First, she posted a second video of herself dancing to “Come On Eileen.” The next day, she brought it to work and roamed the office in it. Though by day she has a desk job at CVS Health’s corporate office in Illinois, she also does theater, sketch, and improv comedy on the side.

She could not believe it. Source: Facebook

“I have absolutely no problem doing things that make me look like a fool as long as it’s all in good spirits,” she says.

As is pretty evident by all the videos of people performing various tricks in the T. rex, it’s relatively comfortable. Though it gets a little bit hot and you can’t sit down, Tricia says she could live in it. “Even now, I’m so excited,” she says. “I hope this never ends. I hope it doesn’t get to the point where it’s just collecting dust. I hope I get some major miles out of it.”

This article was originally published on Yahoo Lifestyle.

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