Woman's snake-removal goes viral

Aletha Wilkinson

If Steve Irwin had been a woman living in North Carolina, we're pretty sure we've located her.

A video of Sunshine McCurry wrangling a 1.6m snake into a pillowcase and out of her living room has gone viral after she uploaded it to YouTube.

Just another day in North Carolina. Source: Storyful

It's not just the fact that she fearlessly captured the creature, though. It's her running commentary throughout the nailbiting procedure.

"Aww, yeah, lookit that! Right in the livin’ room," Sunshine says as she shoves the snake into a pillowcase.

"That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Whoo who, check 'im out.”

That's a-wranglin'! Source: Storyful

She's not even fazed when the snake "skunks" her, spraying her with its musk.

"I done got snake skunked, again,” Sunshine says. “I felt his squirt, when it come out.”

She told local news outlets she didn't see what all the fuss was about.

Get in the bag, son. Source: Storyful

"Don't know if they were impressed because I was a girl catching it, or a girl catching it in my house," Sunshine told WBTV.

"My hand smelled awful for days."

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