Woman warns after nightmare eyelash job

Nisean Lorde

A Canadian woman is warning about the potential dangers of eyelash extensions after she developed a severe allergic reaction from the beauty treatment.

Isabelle Kun, 20, had a new set of eyelash extensions applied by an aesthetician. Two days later, her eyes were swollen almost completely shut.

Isabelle told CTV News that her girlfriend had slept over and she could barely see her.

“I was having a hard time swallowing and even breathing,” Isabelle said.

Isabelle Kun's face swelled up in reaction to the glue her eyelash technican used. Source: Isabelle Kun

Her friend ended up calling an Uber to transport her to the hospital. Isabelle said they admitted her “within seconds” after they saw her face. Her eyes were apparently swollen “above and under” and her tonsils were inflamed.

Isabelle says she’s been getting eyelash extensions every few weeks for the last year. At $100 or more per procedure, the aesthetician applies the lashes one at a time using eyelash glue. Last month, Isabelle noticed her eyes became swollen after the procedure – she believed she was having a reaction to the glue.

She said the allergic response has been so severe, even her tonsils are swollen. Source: Isabelle Kun

She took note of the name of the adhesive and, on Tuesday, asked the aesthetician whether or not she was using that same brand – she explained that she believed she was allergic to that specific adhesive.

Isabelle said that the aesthetician didn’t know the name of the glue, but told her not to worry and that she “should be good.”

Isabelle in happier times. Source: Isabelle Kun/Facebook

So Isabelle went through with the treatment, although she admits she shouldn’t have since she didn’t know what glue was being used. Hours later, her eyes started swelling up — more severely than before.

When she was admitted to the hospital two days later, doctors gave her an antihistamine and administered a steroid intravenously. They then sent her home with antihistamine pills. As of Thursday, the swelling still hasn’t improved, and Isabelle is worried because she wasn’t able to remove the glue due to her swollen eyes.

Doctors initially sent Isabelle home with some antihistamine pills. Source: Getty

“My eyes are actually even worse now,” she said. “There’s like a sac of fluid under my eye now. It’s so gross.”

Isabelle hopes she can get eyelash extensions again, but she is warning women to ask for an allergy test before they get them done.

"This morning I woke up and I wondered if I would ever be able to see again,” she said.

Isabelle has now warned others to be wary of the same thing happening to them when they get eyelash extensions. Source: Getty

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