Why women are enjoying Maccas fries post-sex

Kristine Tarbert

For decades women have been trying all sorts of things for some extra help when they are trying to fall pregnant.

And now a new study has revealed some of the more bizarre tricks that have actually worked for women.

In the study by Channel Mums, three per cent or women revealed they swear on eating McDonald’s fries after sex to increase their chances of falling pregnant.

Women are apparently smashing Maccas fries after sex. Photo: Getty

That’s definitely something the fast food giant would love to hear, especially given that we are currently in peak baby-making season.

Of the 1,500 surveyed, nearly a quarter of parents (23 per cent) revealed they wanted to conceive over the Christmas period, with 17 per cent having done so previously, The Sun reported.

Christmas and New Year is peak baby-making season. Photo: Getty

Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirms this with the most common day for babies to be born in Australia being September 17.

Other than racing through the drive-thru for your fix of Maccas fires, there were a few other odd techniques revealed by women.

Couples also suggested eating dark chocolate every day. Photo: Getty

Eating dark chocolate every day was suggested by 37 per cent of couples, while 32 per cent swore by eating pineapple.

Even more bizarre, but less common, was the five per cent that said using green bedsheets was the way to do it.

Can green sheets make a difference? Photo: Getty

While six per cent avoided having an orgasm for a week after sex.

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