The 'Cinderella weight challenge' is frightening

Sarah Carty

Many of us were brought up watching Disney princesses frolicking around palaces wearing over-the-top gown and singing their way through life.

And while we may have secreted wished we could live like them for one day, we knew that they were fictional characters and nobody’s life is like a fairytale.

However, a scary new trend is sweeping the web, where women are trying to get their bodies to look like Cinderella.

A scary new diet called the 'Cinderella weight challenge' is sweeping the web. Photo: Instagram/cinderellaweight

In fact, an Instagram page, called ‘cinderellaweight’ has been created, which shows images of what the perfect BMI should look like.

In one image, it’s claimed that to get a down to Cinderella weight, you should have a BMI of 18.

According to the Victorian Government’s Better Health Channel, if you have a BMI under 18.5, you’re considered ‘underweight and possibly malnourished’.

They recommend aiming to have a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 to have a healthy weight for ‘middle-aged adults’.

Here Lily James plays Cinderella in the Disney remake. Photo: Disney

Astonishingly, the Cinderella weight challenge tells people that in order to find out your ’ideal wieght’ you should multiple your height in metres by 20.

Then to find your ‘Cinderella weight’ you multiple your ‘ideal weight’ by 18.

People on Twitter were quick to slam the diet.

“Cinderella is a fairytale character. She's NOT REAL. So why on earth is anyone pandering to something totally unrealistic? Whoever came up with the ridiculous and irresponsible 'Cinderella Weight' idea has clearly starved themselves of their brain cells too,” one person said.

“Just had to google the Cinderella diet as hadn’t seen it. I’m now googling “how to stop the world because I WANT TO GET OFF,” another said.

“When will people learn that weight loss is best done through eating sensibly and doing exercise, not by going on stupid faddy diets,” a commenter said.

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