Women Would Prefer A Racy Night In On Valentine's Day Than A Meal Out

Sarah Carty

Take note guys, women are over traditional Valentine's Day meals in a restaurant and would instead prefer a racy night in instead.

According to a new survey by food delivery service, Deliveroo, 59 per cent of men think the perfect way to romance their lady on the most romantic day of the year is to wine and dine them in a restaurant, however the majority of Aussie women surveyed said they would prefer a night in with their partner instead.

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When asked what their ideal Valentine’s night would be, over half Aussie women said they would rather a sexy night in with their partner with their favourite takeaway food, DVDs and games.

A whopping 40 per cent of females said they thought dining out in a restaurant was too clichéd, with 27 per cent claiming it's not personal and 11 per cent saying they didn't want to spend their night sitting next to other couples.

The survey also reveals that 38 per cent of men don't plan for their Valentine's Day date, 11 per cent said a day before and just five per cent of Aussie men booked something just a couple of hours before the big night, suggesting most men are winging it.

Based on answers from 1.054 Australians, a crazy nine per cent of people found out their date was in another relationship, eight per cent said their date was checking out other men or women and bizarrely three per cent started choking on their food.

So where will you be spending Valentine's Day this year?