Would you try a chocolate manicure?

Allison Wallace

Apparently painting your nails with edible chocolate is now a thing.

Yep, chocolate that you eat… on your nails.

Jessie from Nailed It NZ created the bizarre manicure and posted the video on Instagram.

An interesting mani. Photo: naileditnz/Instagram

The nail technician used ingredients that wouldn’t be uncommon to decorate a cake, including icing and some edible silver balls.

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Jessie even tried to put her fingers in the freezer to help the chocolate set.

‘I tried putting them in the freezer to make them dry but they aren’t really doing it,’ she said in her video. ‘I just got a really cold hand instead.’

It’s not the neatest mani we have ever seen and Jessie agrees when it comes to the chocolate dots she tried.

The nail art fanatic says she will try it will hundreds and thousands next time.

Not sure we are sold on edible manicures. To be honest, watching her eat the finished result was a little weird.

She happily ate the finished product. Photo: naileditnz/Instagram

Some of her fans had a similar reaction:

“That is actually really gross,” wrote one.

Another commented “Can I just ask... Why?”

This isn’t the first chocolate inspired art Jessie has tried. We found an earlier Instagram post where her nails resemble colourful M&M'S – not for eating though.

Won't melt in your hand? Photo: naileditnz/Instagram

She has also created nails based on McDonald’s food.

For the love of Maccas. Photo: naileditnz/Instagram

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