Is this the world’s dumbest fashion statement?

Kristine Tarbert

If you have super long arms and struggle to find clothes that reach all the way to your wrists then it’s time to rejoice!

Much to the delight of long-armed folk everywhere, Y/Project has created the denim jacket of all denim jackets – with extra, extra long sleeves.

The jacket to end all jackets. Photo: Net-a-Porter

Finally the fashion world is thinking about everyone who constantly has to pass things down to their shorter friends from high shelves.

In all seriousness though, who would wear this?

Source: Giphy

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For a tidy $730 on Net-a-Porter you can get your ‘long arms’ into one of these denim jackets.

The product description suggests that sleeves should be rolled up to expose the ends of your shirt, or you can just let it all hang free.

Roll the sleeves or let them hang loose. Photo: Net-a-Porter

One person on twitter put it best.

Others however are rejoicing for all those that have previously been neglected by the ‘average arm’ focused fashion world!

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