You have to watch this ABC TV tech fail

Aletha Wilkinson

Ah, live TV. If there's one thing we've all learned by now, it's that live-to-air television is the best possible source of bloopers going, as Juanita Phillips found out during a live cross last night.

Instead of switching to the next segment, viewers were treated to a full minute of Phillips and political reporter Brigid Glanville standing expectantly outside NSW Parliament House.

The first hint that something's not right. Source: ABC

“And that’s all for this special edition of ABC News from State Parliament, stay with us now for 7:30 with Stan Grant,” Phillips said.

Unfortunately, Stan and the 7.30 Report were nowhere to be seen.

Juanita moves seamlessly into the bus stop manoeuvre. Source: ABC

"Are we done?" Juanita asked.

"We're still on," Brigid muttered.

The face of a woman who knows she's about to become a meme. Source: ABC

Then the crew started wandering into the shot.

Guys, we're live. Source: ABC

Brigid kindly let them know they were on camera. "We just said we're still on air, guys, and everyone's..." she trailed off in frustration.

You're really not dressed for this boys. Source: ABC

But one bloke just really wanted to soak up his moment of glory.

Maaaaate. Source: ABC

Never change, live TV. Never change.

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