You need to see this game-changing video of people describing their bodies in one word

Allison Yee

"Strong”, “embarrassed”, "ugly" or “succulent”.

Which one of these words would you use to describe your body and how you feel about it?

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Founder of the Body Image Movement Taryn Brumfitt asked 100 Aussies of all ages to explain how they feel about their shape in one word, to surprising results.

Ok, so your answer might depend on whether you inhaled a whole pizza for dinner last night, or if you killed it in Pilates this morning, but Taryn’s video found that most people tended to love their bodies when they were young… and when they were old.

For those in the middle? The response seemed to be overwhelmingly negative, with people mostly ashamed of their body and how it looks.

Those in their 20s and 30s were more critical and negative towards their bodies. Photo: Youtube

“My body is disobedient,” says one ballet dancer. “Ugly, I suppose”, adds another.

Meanwhile younger interviewees described their bodies as “fast”, “flexible” and “powerful”.

Younger people were more positive about their body and its abilities. Photo: Youtube

But in a heartwarming turn, those later in life seem to absolutely love their bodies and what it can do for them.

“My body is a ball of energy, my body is succulent,” raved one responder. “My body is fabulous,” said another.

The eye-opening video is now going viral, with Taryn shooting it to promote her upcoming body awareness documentary Embrace which will be released on August 4.

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

If Taryn’s name sounds familiar, it might be because she shot to fame three years ago after posting a “before” shot of herself as a size 6 bodybuilder compared to an “after” shot of her as a healthy size 12 – and after welcoming three children.

Taryn had the support of celebs such as Ashton Kutcher when she posted her before and after pics in 2012. Photo: Twitter

After contemplating surgery to conform to what she believed was the ideal body, Taryn decided against it and is now dedicated to helping people love their bodies.

“If I go through with this, what am I saying to my daughter about body image? How will I teach her to love her body? How am I going to encourage her to accept and love her body, when I am standing in front of her with a surgically enhanced body? What type of hypocrite or mother would I be?” she says.

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