You’re saying Ikea wrong

Leah Cohen

Will there ever be a day when we’re saying anything right?

If feels like everything we say is incorrect, whether it’s food like Nutella (pronounced New-tell-uh) or fashion brands like Balmain (pronounced Bal-mah-n).

IKEA isn't pronounced the way you think it is. Photo: Getty Images

This time the pronunciation police have caught us saying IKEA wrong.

According to ELLE, a Vine video of two IKEA store managers revealed we’ve been calling the furniture retailer store eye-key-ah.

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Rather, they disclosed it’s actually pronounced ee-key-ah. Duh.

And for all this time we were following the feet around the store, building furniture in our own homes for hours on end and calling it eye-key-ah. Who knew!

Next time you visit the furniture store, remember to call it ee-key-ah. Photo: Getty Images

It’s not the end of the world, most likely no one you said eye-key-ah to knew what you were saying was wrong either!

But hang in there because no doubt another every day word we’re probably saying wrong will pop up on the internet in no time.