You won’t believe some of the things cabin crew have to deal with

Kristine Tarbert

If you thought drunk passengers or people joining the mile-high club was the worst of it then think again.

An eye-opening Quora thread asking the question ‘what are some things that airplane passengers do that annoy the airplane crew’ has revealed they have to deal with so much more than we could imagine.

And we can’t believe that some of these things actually happened.

“Imagine all the possibilities about how one person can make someone's life miserable,” crew member of a ‘world-renowned airline’ Rishi wrote.

Flight attendants deal with a lot. Photo: Getty

“Now bring all these possibilities into a pressurised tube flying 40,000 feet above earth and voila!”

Rishi listed some of the most annoying things he has ever experienced, and seriously people?

“Burp on a crew member's face while they are collecting their tray,” Rishi wrote.

They've seen fights break out over the toilets. Photo: Youtube

“Let the kid poop on the aisle and call the crew to clean it.

“Or passengers getting into a fist fight because one of them jumped the que for using lavatory.”

It doesn’t sound as glamorous as we might think. But despite all of the horrid things they may have to put up with, there is one thing flight attendants wished people did more of.


The crew just want you to smile. Photo: Youtube

“If you are looking at us when we say hello or goodbye isn't it nice to at least smile or say something back. A lot of passengers just look at us and goes away,” crew member Susan wrote.

“That is rude, annoying and it make us crew feel invisible. We are not robots, we are humans too.”

If the crew is happy the flight will be better. Photo: Getty

Even frequent traveller Ravish agreed that people should be nicer to the crew.

“I always make sure to say thanks to the crew - while entering, while exiting, when they serve food, when they take out the trash,” he said.

“Basically, a small smile and thanks for their service doesn't cost anything but encourages and motivates them, brings a smile to their face as well. When you do the opposite, it annoys them too.”

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