Former MAFS star Zoe opens up about post-natal depression

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Former Married At First Sight star got the happy ending that all contestants hope for on the show – finding love with her match Alex Garner - but it seems not everything has been happy familes for Zoe Hendrix.

Writing for Mamamia, Zoe opened up in a powerful piece about her struggles with anger, something she says is not talked about enough when it comes to post-natal depression.

“I want to talk to you about anger… the anger that I would feel when I couldn’t bear the thought of another sleepless night, followed by yet another foggy day with a forced smile," She wrote.

Zoe Hendrix pictured with bub Harper and Husband Alex Garner. Source: Instagram / @zoehendrix.

Bearing all vulnerability, Zoe went on to express the raging anger that overcomes her as she struggles to find a break from the demands of motherhood.

In one of her darkest moments she admitted, “I envisioned throwing my tiny baby across the room. Into the wall,”

She said this only caused overwhelming feelings of guilt that left her ‘shaking, shocked and in pain.’

It's a viscous cycle of anger followed by guilt, she explained.

"Guilt that would engulf me when I would question whether having a baby was a mistake," Zoe wrote.

It's a vicious cycle of anger followed by guilt, Zoe explained on MamaMia. Source: Instagram / @zoehendrix.

And it’s taken a toll on her relationship as well, revealing it’s caused her to constantly lash out at her loving husband Alex with frustration and resent, only that’s not the worst part.

"Worst of all," she says is, "The anger that eventually turns inwards and tells you how much you are failing...How sh*t you are as a mum, as a partner, as a modern women."

Zoe then concluded with an admission that she still seeks help from a therapist to guide her on how she can manage her emotions, and encourages other mothers to seek help if they are experiencing these feelings.

Former Married At First Sight star says the wort part about post-natal depression is when you turn on yourself and critique yourself as a mother. Source Instragram /@zoehendrix.

“Please take action to seek help for yourself. You deserve it," she wrote.

It's not the first time Zoe has opened up about her struggles with motherhood, as she posted to Instagram last year regarding her sleep regression.

Posting to Instagram earlier, Zoe revealed had been going through 5 months of sleep regression. Source: Instagram / @zoehendrix.

You can read her full story on Mamamia here.

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