Woman's incredible 70kg weight loss transformation

Kristine Tarbert

When doctors told Alice Toleman she’d be lucky to live past 30, it was the shock to her system that she needed.

The 23-year-old from Melbourne had ballooned to a dangerous 135kgs as a result of a serious food addiction, but now she looks incredible.

By 2011, Alice's binge eating had become so bad she would eat family size meals at McDonald’s all by herself.

“I would go out to clubs with friends, which like a lot of nights out, ends in a 'Maccas run' on the way home,” Alice, who now had nearly 80,000 followers on Instagram, wrote on her blog.

Alice weighed a dangerous 135kgs. Photo: Instagram

“The truth is at that time, McDonald's was my favourite part of the night – the social interaction was merely a hurdle to get over until I got my beloved McDonald's.”

At a size 26, Alice admits she would often secretly go to the supermarket to stock up on junk food like lollies, biscuits and chocolate.

“There was always a 'stash' in my room. It was like my safe place; my haven,” she wrote.

She used to have a 'secret stash' of junk food in her room. Photo: Instagram

Shockingly, Alice thought her addiction was normal, but it was something she constantly hid from her friends and family.

Until one day though, she couldn’t hide it anymore.

After meeting a girl in June 2015 who had lost over 100kgs after a gastric bypass, Alice decided to look into the procedure.

Surgeons told her she's be lucky to live past 30. Photo: Instagram

“The surgeon told me if I was to continue my lifestyle like this, I'd be lucky to live past 30 years of age. This was a huge shock to me and I felt had no other option but to book in for the surgery,” she said.

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She had the surgery in October that year and has since completely turned her life around. And despite what some people think about weight loss surgery, Alice says it wasn’t the easy way out.

Alice is not ashamed to have needed surgery. Photo: Instagram

“I'm never going to hide the fact I had weight loss surgery because it saved my life and I'm not ashamed to admit I had some assistance with my weight loss journey,” she says online.

“However it's merely a tool which you need to work with. I combine my tool with good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, positive mindset and a lot of exercise to ensure maximum positive results.”

She now lives a healthy lifestyle and exercises six times a week. Photo: Instagram

Alice now weighs an impressive 66kgs – thanks to her surgery and a subsequent tummy tuck she lost an incredible 70kgs in just over a year.

Her new healthy lifestyle includes a positive mindset, a low-carb, high-protein diet and around six workouts a week at the gym.

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