Astronomer finds ‘proof’ of faked moon landings

Allison Yee

It’s long been the subject of conspiracy theorists who claim US officials faked the moon landing in a ploy to prove America’s dominance in the space race, and now one man believes he’s found the proof.

Former naval pilot David Bryant believes he’s found the exact site NASA used to stage some of the moon landings, and it’s none other than in Hawaii.

The astronomer has compared images of NASA’s 1972 Apollo 17 landing with the terrain near the Mauna Kea summit in Hawaii and says the similarities are too hard to ignore.

David claims there's more to the moon landings than what we've been told to believe. Photo: Getty

David is considered one the world’s ‘top moon hoax conspiracy theorists', reports the Express.

He’s so dedicated to finding out the truth, he’s interviewed 14 NASA Apollo astronauts over the legitimacy of the moon landings.

And now he’s convinced he’s found the site where the iconic footage was filmed, comparing the moon landing to the Hawaiian site.

“Look at that,” he told the Express.

“They are taken at slightly different angles, but you can see the same ridges and even down to the rocks in the foreground."

David's examined the terrain of the moon as was shown to the public. Photo: NASA
He's compared it to terrain in Hawaii, and says the similarities are undeniable. Photo: David Bryant

He also speculates more footage was filmed near Area 51, with images purporting to be a lunar landscape actually “a crater field at Groom Lake, Nevada, created by nuclear weapon testing”.

David goes on to speculate in his book Our Forbidden Moon that the first lunar landing may have been a success – but could have seen astronauts encounter extraterrestrial activity which discouraged their return.

David's known for his theories, some of which are laid out in his book 'Our Forbidden Moon'. Photo: Amazon

"Have astronauts and cosmonauts genuinely encountered extraterrestrial craft during their missions?” the Express reports David saying.

"Why has there been no serious attempt to return to the Moon or venture onwards to Mars?”

NASA have long denied claims of a cover up.

"From time to time we are asked the question above as a result of at least one book and recurring articles in various publications based either on its content or individuals' expressions of their opinions," a 2001 press release reads.

NASA has addressed various claims of a hoax, and categorically denied them. Photo: Getty

"Apart from the fact that millions of people saw the Apollo series on television and heard them on radio in real time, perhaps the lunar material is as irrefutable proof as any that the Moon missions were not 'faked'.

"The rocks and particles, still under study by scientists worldwide, were clearly formed in an atmosphere lacking oxygen and water and they show major chemical differences from any previously known Earth rocks. This material could not have been collected, or even manufactured on Earth, and clearly comes from an entirely different world.

"Even if NASA had set out to 'fake' the Apollo or any of its other programs, there is no possibility it could have done so."

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