WATCH: Beachgoers find terrifying 5 metre stinger

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Summer is on its way and we’re spending our weekends at the beach, but one couple have made shocking find that might make you re-think that relaxing dip.

Nicoli Hutchinson was walking along Rainbow Beach in Bonny Hills, New South Wales, with her husband, Bryce, when they noticed a huge blue bottle jellyfish with a huge stinger measuring at least five metres, washed up on the sand last month.

"My husband and I could not believe our eyes,” said Nicoli.

It's the sight that strikes fears in beachgoers everywhere - bluebottles. Photo: Caters News

"The outgoing tide had washed the tentacle out straight toward the direction of the sea, so it was easy to see how very long it was.

"We were on our annual caravanning holiday and getting a bit of exercise, walking our dog along this beautiful stretch of coastline.

"It is a very long beach and we usually walk up and back about six kilometres.

"At the start of our walk when we noticed how many bluebottles had washed up and how straight their tentacles were left by the outgoing tide.

The bluebottle's tentacle could be seen stretching out for metres. Photo: Caters News

"I happened along this beauty and yelled to my husband to have a look. He agreed it was the longest he had ever laid eyes on as well."

The couple captured the creature and posted it online.

"I put the video on Facebook and Instagram for our friends to see and got such a strong reaction,” said Nicoli.

Imagine the sting of that wrapping around your ankle... Photo: Caters News

"I decided to put it on YouTube for people who are not so accustomed to bluebottles to see.

"When you get stung by a bluebottle their tentacle tends to wrap around you in the waves.

"I definitely would not have liked to be stung by this one, It would have been very hard to pull it all off being wrapped around your body and the sting is contained along the tentacle."

- Additional reporting by Caters News

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