Convent school grad auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder

Bianca Soldani

A 23-year-old woman has launched a campaign to sell her virginity to the highest bidder.

Bailey Gibson, from California, is the adopted daughter of strict, Christian parents, and while she was originally saving herself for marriage, the sour end to her first relationship prompted her to change tack.

She’s now teamed up with the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, so that she can “legally have sex for money”, and has released a series of lingerie-clad images and a blog post explaining her decision.

Bailey is now taking bids. Photo: Bunny Ranch

In it she recounts her very sheltered childhood where she was “not allowed to watch TV, listen to any music other than Christian music, have friends over, or have sleepovers”.

When she turned 16, Bailey was sent to an all-girls, Christian boarding school, and it wasn’t until she was 19 that she had her heartbroken by her first boyfriend.

He was also religious and seemed to respect her decision to not have sex before marriage.

She had a very strict childhood and was sent to boarding school at 16. Photo: Moonlite Bunny Ranch

“I learned that love can be deceiving when I discovered that he slept with his ex on Valentine’s Day,” she writes.

“I thought that I could trade my virginity for my boyfriend’s lifelong devotion. I was wrong. So, I decided that I was going to get something for my virginity — something that benefits me and my life.

“Does this make me a prostitute? Gasp! Meh, I don’t know. If you take a picture once, does that make you a photographer?”

As she puts it, "it is my body. I have the right do what I want with it." Bidding is being managed by the brothel’s owner and they will pocket 50 percent of the sale value.

Baliey isn’t the first young woman to follow this path, with 18-year-old Aleexandra Kefren, banking a whopping $3.2 million when she sold her virginity via an escort agency last year.

This 18-year-old woman sold her virginity for $3.2 million last year. Source: Instagram

She decided to put herself on the market to fund her future university fees and buy a home for her parents, who were struggling financially.

Meanwhile another 19-year-old posted a classified ad back in June to sell her virginity for $250,000.

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