Beauty blogger trumps all others with epic '100 coat' challenge

Kate Moffatt

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen plenty of beauty bloggers try out the ‘100 coats of…’ challenge, which involves putting on multiple layers of the same product.

While they’ve all succeeded, none have managed what Jenna Marbles just did: applying 100 coats of liquid lipstick, 100 coats of foundation, 100 coats of glitter nailpolish, 100 coats of spray tan on the same arm, 100 coats of hairspray and 100 sets of fake eyelashes – all at the same time.

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Jenna before the 100 layers of makeup.

“Since day one, I did not come here to play games,” says Marbles before the 10-hour process begins. “If I’m gonna do a beauty video, it’s gonna be the epic mealtime of beauty videos.”

“Everyone please say a prayer for my skin,” she adds.

The first 10 coats of product seem fairly manageable, but things quickly go downhill from there, with Marbles noticeably struggling by layer 20.

“Gross – gross! This is so nasty,” she says to the camera. “I think we all know instantly why no one has done this before. It is a terrible idea.”

Jenna struggles to see through her eyelashes.

By the end of the video, Marbles can barely see through her false lashes, her skin is thick with foundation and her arm is almost black from spray tan.

While she struggles to talk through the layers of lipstick, she manages to walk her fans through the removal of all the product at the end of the video, which looks nearly as horrendous as the actual application.

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“I regret everything! I want to take this all back!” Marbles screeches.

The video, which went up on Thursday, has already had over 2 million views.

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