How you can get a luxury trip for half the price

Kristine Tarbert

Ever put off going on the trip of your dreams because you’re worried about breaking the bank?

Well now there is a way to tick that luxury holiday off your bucket list for half the price – and it’s simply about travelling smarter.

Whether you want to go to Mauritius, New York City, Bali or Tokyo, when you choose to travel can make all the difference.

May-June is the best time to travel to Bali. Photo: Supplied

Travel comparison website TripAdvisor has compiled a Luxury for Less Guide revealing the ideal times to save up to 50 per cent, when compared to heading to these destinations in peak season.

Bali is one of the most popular destinations for travellers and you can save a staggering 52 per cent on hotels if travelling during the May-June period.

Catch the end of the rice harvest season in Bali. Photo: Supplied

Monsoon season is over, daily temperatures hover around 30 degrees and the water is a balmy 28 degrees. Visiting at this time also means you’ll catch all the end of rice harvest season celebrations, a great insight into Balinese culture.

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Save 51 per cent on a Mauritius trip in September. Photo: Supplied

Mauritius is another destination high on everyone’s list, and if you book a trip in September you can save on average 51 per cent.

The best travel period for Mauritius is considered as September to January, so getting in early is the key.

Temperatures in September will hover around 24 degrees in Mauritius. Photo: Supplied

Just be aware of possible temperature drops in higher altitudes and by the sea – so pack a jumper. Otherwise temperatures are a comfortable 24 degrees, with little rain.

March is the best time to visit New York. Photo: Supplied

If you’d rather head to the big smoke and hit up the Big Apple, booking a trip to New York City in March will bag you an average saving of 33 per cent.

Save over 20 per cent on Tokyo in May. Photo: Supplied

Head to Tokyo, Japan in May to save yourself on average 21 per cent. Or for some Aloha time in Hawaii best to book in April-May or September-October to save 20 per cent.

When is the best time to travel to Hawaii. Photo: Supplied

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