Here’s what a day out with a billionaire looks like

Carly Williams

So a billionaire asks you to meet up for a day out of the office. How do I react?

With zero bloody chill.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman invited Be to hang out and test his new Hero6. Several mini squeals and a few heart palpitations later, he was helping me scramble over the chic leather chairs of a helicopter and into the front seat.

Nick started the billionaire-day-out with a helicopter ride over Sydney Harbour. Photo: Be

As the aircraft hovered over Sydney's northern beaches, Nick tells us the story of how he built an empire from a little ol’ idea he had when backpacking Down Under in 2002.

Before you go super-creep-50-Shades-of-GoPro here, Nick is happily married with three gorgeous kids under seven, so get your minds out of the gutter, OK!

Nick, who has three small kids, talking up GoPro on TV in 2015. Photo: Getty

“Me and another unemployed friend planned a three-month surfing road trip around Australia,” he explained.

“Getting ready for this trip I had the idea for the GoPro.

“The original concept was for a wrist strap where I could wear a waterproof single-use camera while surfing. Back in those days I had a little $20 camera."

Nick says his passion is surfing which lead him to create his billion-dollar empire. Photo: GoPro

How times have changed.

“The strap prototype worked so well that I realised I’d found my inspiration before I even started the trip,” he said.

On this same backpacking adventure, 24-year-old Nick was coincidentally camping next to rock legend Jimmy Barnes.

The pair bonded and Nick reminisced to me about hanging with the rocker by the campfire and explaining his plans for his tiny surf gadget.

On what is Nick’s first trip back to Australia since that vacay, he reckons he’d love nothing more than to meet up with Barnsey again.

And how much they’d have to catch up on.

GoPro is reportedly on track to rake in between $1.25 billion and $1.3 billion this year.

This is Nick's first trip to Australia since his inaugural holiday as a surfer bum 15 years ago - the vacation that gave him the idea for GoPro. Photo: be

You wouldn’t tell as Nick bounces out of our helicopter in his boardies and casual t-shirt at Eastern Creek’s Sydney Motorsport Park.

He showed no sight of nerves as he jumped in his race car for laps with Supercar champ Nicholas Bates before taking us GoKart racing, filming it all on his new Hero6 – which has an inbuilt stabiliser for the smoothest footage yet.

The CEO tried his hand on the race course at Sydney Motorsport Park. Photo: Be

Seriously, the guy has no fear. And why would you, when you’re a billionaire?

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