Blogger left with square breasts after botched boob job

Allison Yee

There’s always risks to going under the knife, and one beauty blogger has spoken out after her botched boob job left her with square breasts and a shattered self esteem.

Russian blogger Yulia Debbagkh shared shocking photos, showing how the silicone in her chest had warped over the years to leave her with a misshapen chest.

Yulia had the surgery 13 years ago, with the Daily Mail reporting she has to go under the knife again to replace her ruined implants.

Yulia has been left with square boobs after her implants warped. Photo: Instagram/svoi_opit_krasota
Yulia's left breast is noticeably square-shaped. Photo: Instagram/svoi_opit_krasota

“The implant is not torn, it is simply rumpled,” the publication reports Yulia revealing.

“Of course it is impossible to smooth it. New full scale replacement surgery is needed.”

Yulia admits she's been left shattered by hateful comments from trolls over her breasts. Photo: Instagram/svoi_opit_krasota

Yulia admits her botched boob job has left her the target of brutal online trolls, who have slammed the social media star for going under the knife.

Yulia has visited another plastic surgeon in preparation for her new surgery, filming the appointment for a Russia channel. Photo: Instagram/svoi_opit_krasota

It’s left her desperate to have surgery again, with her new surgeon Maxim Nesterenko explaining how her previous implants were incorrectly put over her muscle, instead of under it.

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