Body language expert: truth behind Queen’s romance

Allison Yee

If you’ve been glued to The Crown and gleefully devouring every detail of Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to Prince Philip on screen, you'll be pleased to hear that body language experts have now weighed in to reveal how the couple really feel about each other in real life.

The royal couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last November, and while they’re notoriously proper while in the public eye, experts say there are subtle signs that can be picked up.

For Elizabeth, who famously first met her husband when she was just 13 and he was 18, years of being together have seen them fall into some relationship patterns.

Despite sticking to royal protocol, experts say there's signs that reveal the nature of the Queen's relationship with Prince Philip. Photo: Getty

Body language expert Patti Wood reveals it’s very clear to her that the Queen has, and will always be, her “own person”.

Noting the pair have their own special way of holding hands which sees the Queen place the tips of her fingers in Prince Phillip’s hand, their closeness comes from their lengthy marriage - and also increasing age.

Despite her independence, the monarch does rely on Prince Philip to be by her side. Photo: Getty

"It's more formal than interlocking fingers but it's unique to them. It's their way of reassurance and comfort,” Patti told

"In her older years, the Queen holds hands with the Prince for assistance as opposed to affection.”

The Queen and Prince Philip have a special, adorable way of holding hands. Photo: Getty

That doesn’t mean the couple aren’t still very much in love.

All you have to do is see is how Prince Phillip is constantly looking towards the monarch to anticipate if and how he is needed, says body language expert Blanca Cobb.

Prince Philip openly dotes on his wife, say experts. Photo: Getty

"When you look beyond the royal formality of Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth's public appearances, you clearly see Prince Phillip's love and adoration for his Queen," Blanca told

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