Bride-to-be dumped after she accidentally misses her wedding

Allison Yee

If there’s ever one day you want everything to go perfectly to plan, it’s your wedding day.

Instead, one UK bride had the day from hell when a series of mishaps saw her turn up so late to her own wedding her husband-to-be dumped her.

Essex bride-to-be Nichola Touhy had everything planned for her $20,000 nuptials to Darren Ferne, with their rehearsal the night before going off without a hitch.

Nichola and Darren's big day turned into a complete disaster. Photo: Supplied

But waking up on the big day saw the mum-of-three’s best laid plans unravel spectacularly. After heading to her local department store to get her make-up done, Nichola was left devastated when she resembled “an extra from The Only Way is Essex”.

The 46-year-old rushed home to wash it all off, only to have her parents, who had never approved of her wedding, tell her they weren’t going to drop her two young children at the reception.

In a panic and with less than two hours to go until the wedding, Nichola, who is mum to Alexander, 20, eight-year-old Grace Isabella and Max, seven, hustled her two youngest to the hotel to get ready.

It was only there she realised she’d left Grace’s flower girl dress at home, and to make matters worse, fielded a phone call from her bridesmaid who revealed she had to cancel due a sick child.

From missing bridesmaids to terrible make-up, Nichola's wedding prep saw her running hours behind. Photo: Facebook/Nikki Tuohy

A call to her Darren did little to help.

“Our guests were already getting seated, and when he told me to hurry up that just stressed me even more,” Nichola told the Sun.

With time running out, Nichola decided to throw her dress in the back of a vintage car she had booked and rush to the church – only to realise it didn’t have any seatbelts for herself and her kids.

After completely missing the ceremony, Nichola drove herself to the reception, where she faced her furious groom.

“Darren was livid,” Nichola told the Sun. “He'd been left standing in front of the guests, pleading with the vicar to wait but there were more weddings taking place.”

Nichola finally saw Darren at the reception, but it was too late. Photo: Facebook/Nikki Tuohy

For Darren, who proposed just five weeks after he met the mum online in 2014, it was too much to get over.

Despite the couple going on their honeymoon and trying to work it out, they drifted apart and ended their relationship.

“We would probably still be together now if our wedding hadn’t been ruined,” said Darren.

“It’s not the kind of thing you can get over easily.”

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