Can you see the Photoshop fail in this model’s pic?

Allison Yee

Everyone always wants to look their best in Instagram snaps, but rather than hoping for that split second of amazing lighting or contorting yourself into an ultra-flattering angle, some prefer to use a little Photoshop help instead.

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British glamour model Kelly Brook is the latest star who might have had some help, with fans noticing something wrong with a snap she posted of her incredible bikini body.

British model Kelly saw her holiday snap come under scrutiny. Photo: Instagram

Sharing a photo of her sun-soaked holiday in France, Kelly, 37, showed off some serious curves in a black one piece by the pool.

But some of her 717,000 Instagram followers were quick to notice that there was something unusual about the pic.

Can you see it?

If you’re struggling, take a closer look at the decking behind her hourglass shaped waist.

The star's Instagram followers wondered about some warping in the photo. Photo: Instagram

“Ummmm you’re gorgeous, but why are your decking boards curving?” commented one.

“Photoshopped... look at the decking in the picture… a real shame as u are a beauty,” added another.

Meanwhile, others didn’t see anything wrong with Kelly tweaking her snaps.

Kelly is currently on holidays in France. Photo: Instagram

“People unfollowing because of a little photoshop?! Bet all your mates do it honeys, get over it!” wrote one.

It’s no problem for Kelly, who openly admits to fine-tuning her happy snaps.

“Sometimes if I see a picture and I can make it a bit better then I will, like everyone else does,” she told The Sun’s Fabulous magazine.

“I’ve been Photoshopped in every picture since I started modelling. I [don’t] see any problem with it.”

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