Can you see what’s wrong with this first date outfit?

Bianca Soldani

Scoring a first date through Tinder can be nerve-wracking as it is, but what if you rocked up to one completely naked?

It sounds like the stuff of nightmares, but model Joy Jewell tried it while covered head to toe in body paint for an eye-popping video with artist Jen the Body Painter.

In it, she poses in nothing but a tiny flesh-coloured g-string as she gets a pair of jeans and a sexy, low-cut crop top painted on. If you didn’t know it was paint, would you have guessed?

Joy went on a Tinder date in this outfit made completely of body paint. Photo: YouTube/Jen The Body Painter

Completing the outfit with a pair of boots and a coat, she hits the mall to meet her unsuspecting Tinder date who is suitably impressed with the way she looks.

“You look great,” he says, “I love your outfit!”

As they sit down for a coffee he jokes, “I thought you were naked for a couple of seconds!” but drops the subject until later when Joy catches the attention of some curious teenage girls.

Would you have guessed if you didn't know? Photo: YouTube/Jen The Body Painter
He got a little suspicious while they shared a coffee. Photo: YouTube/Jen The Body Painter

Now very suspicious, he outright asks if she’s wearing body paint and she lashes back, “It’s called work ethic in the gym and cute clothes!”

But the secret is wearing very thin by that stage, and when the pair try to walk outside into the rain, it’s time to reveal the truth.

“Is that paint on you?” he asks again, to which Joy replies, “maybe… you wanna give me a hug?”

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