Celebrity Big Brother star: 'I was abducted by aliens'

Olivia Morris

A star on this year's UK Celebrity Big Brother has made a bizarre claim she was "abducted by aliens" when she was younger.

Newsreader India Willoughby claims some scars on her back are the proof in the pudding she was, in fact, briefly taken by some unknown life forms.

"I was abducted by aliens, seriously," she said on Wednesday night's show.

India Willoughby has claimed she was

Her housemates weren't so sure, though.

"I went to bed and I had this dream I had been abducted, taken away, all sorts going on," the 50-year-old explained.

She then proceeded to showcase some scars on her back which "have never been explained".

He bizarre claim seemed to shock some of her housemates. Source: Celebrity Big Brother / Channel Five UK

Those scars apparently mean her dream was real.

"I'd never had them before," she reiterated. "Nobody has ever explained them. They're like lines."

She claimed the scars on her back were proof she had, in fact, been abducted by aliens. Source: Celebrity Big Brother / Channel Five UK

India believes it was the work of "Martians".

What a claim for a Wednesday night.

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