Woman reveals bizarre anti-ageing secret

Kristine Tarbert

Liu Yelin has been dubbed ‘the world’s most beautiful mother’ – but can you guess how old she is?

Liu, from China, is often mistaken for her 23-year-old son’s girlfriend, but is actually 50 years old.

The age-defying beauty says her secret has been working out outdoors in sub-zero temperatures for over 30 years.

Liu does not look 50 years old. Photo: Weibo
The mum works out in sub-zero temperatures. Photo: Weibo

The mum explained that as long as one keeps their head and feet warm while outside, doing outdoor exercise in the snow in isn't as daunting as it sounds.

“But if you swim outdoors in winter and you suddenly feel shivering after a few laps, you must get out of water to warm up,” she told the Mail Online.

“It is true that it is painful to take off your clothes and dive into the water, but you would feel great for an entire day after you finish.

She is not faced by stripping down in the snow. Photo: Weibo

“And more importantly, you would stay healthy for a life time.”

The fitness fanatic often posts pictures showing off her ripped torso, and flawless skin on her Weibo account on Chinese social media.

Most recently she was asked by a TV programme to do yoga outside in China’s “City of Ice”.

She was recently invited to practice yoga in the 'City of Ice'. Photo: Weibo

Certainly not shy of showing of her body in a bikini, Liu said she still felt like she was 15.

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