Outrage after couple ask wedding guests to pay for their honeymoon

Sarah Carty

A couple’s wedding invitation has been causing a stir online after they asked their guests to pay for their honeymoon.

Taking to Mumsnet, a woman, who goes only by the name StepAwayFromGoogle, asked for advice after she got the piece of paper in the post.

She was infuriated after she was only invited to the evening part of the celebration and was asked to donate to the couple’s honeymoon fund.

A couple sent out a wedding invitation asking people to pay for their honeymoon. Photo: Getty Images

“We've had a few wedding invites recently where the bride and groom have written a lovely little poem about how they have everything they want so could guests contribute to their honeymoon,” the post started.

“Most recently was something along the lines of: ‘Please no children, we hope you understand, our wedding day might get quite out of hand, please do rock up to the evening do, and helping out with the honeymoon would be so kind of you’.”

The woman was irked that she wasn’t deemed important enough to come to the whole wedding but she was still expected to pay for the honeymoon.

She went on to say she and her partner were planning to get married in 2019 and have already planned that they will write ‘no presents’ on their invites.

“it's cost you all a fortune to travel here and stay overnight, so that's our present thanks, we're quite alright,” she said her invite will say.

She said she doesn’t know why it’s annoying her so much and that she doesn’t mind dropping some money into a box.

However, people were sympathetic with the woman, with many claiming the couple would already have booked their honeymoon.

The woman wondered if she was the only one annoyed by couple's asking for their guests to contribute to their honeymoon. Photo: Getty Images

“I hate this too. I just took a bottle of champagne as a gift the last time I was asked to contribute to someone's honeymoon,” one person said.

"My db did this I thought it was cringe, something along the lines of “a little bit of currency would help us on our way” it did they ended up 5staring it in Antigua,” another person said.

Others couldn’t see what the issue was and thought it was better giving the couple a gift they actually wanted.

“I’d rather pay some towards the honeymoon or whatever instead of wasting money on a toaster or bloody wedding champagne glasses like most the other guests will of got and they the bride and groom don’t want,” one person said.

“I would rather contribute money to the couples honey moon than waste time and money buying them stuff they don’t like,” another person said.

“I actually always feel more uncomfortable when people say they don’t want gift, and feel I should at least give money or gift vouchers.”

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