Craig McLachlan was like a 'creepy uncle' at the Logies

Kristine Tarbert

Footage has re-emerged of Craig McLachlan’s ‘creepy’ Logies moment last year, as the Aussie actor denies allegations of sexual assault.

Craig provided one of the most awkward moments of the Logies 2016 and was described as a ‘drunk uncle’ while present the award for Most Outstanding Supporting Actress alongside Miranda Tapsell.

At the time he seemed more interested in reminding everyone that he was in fact a former Gold Logie winner.

Craig McLachlan and Miranda Tapsell's awkward moment on stage. Photo: Youtube

“It’s a good feeling winning a Logie — in fact, it’s a feeling I know. I won the Gold Logie in 1990,” he said on stage.

Initially the audience laughed at their act of playing the vain older star vs the young talent wanting to get the job done right.

But that amusement soon faded and when the cameras cut to the audience their thoughts were clear.

The audience's thoughts were clear. Photo: Youtube

Miranda had finally started to read out the nominations when things went from awkward to weird.

Craig suddenly let out a weird, high-pitched laugh, then wrapped his arm tight around her.

Craig has been accused of sexual assault by three female co-stars. Photo: Getty

It comes after Craig has this week been accused of sexual misconduct during his time performing on stage in The Rocky Horror Show in 2014. He has strenuously denied the allegations by three of his female co-stars.

Home and Away actress Erika Heynatz, Angela Scundi and Christie Whelan Browne have spoken out against him.

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