Craig McLachlan's sleazy stand-up routine

Aletha Wilkinson

As Craig McLachlan denies a string of sexual-misconduct accusations, a video has re-emerged of the actor experiencing a dismal failure on stage.

In 2005, Craig appeared on The Footy Show in an attempt to jump-start a career in stand-up comedy.

But as his routine unfolded it became clear that not a single joke was going to land.

In just three excruciating minutes, Craig managed to completely annihilate himself on stage.

The moment Craig McLachlan realised his comedy wasn't working. Source: YouTube/The Footy Show

His very first joke set the car-crash tone by insinuating that the beloved character "Harold" – from Craig's former show Neighbours – might have sex with a dog.

Craig at the Sydney Theatre Awards in 2015. Source: Getty

It got worse from there. "What's worse than poo?" Craig asked the audience next, in a set-up for a series of gags about his erstwhile career as a plumber.

"YOU," shouted an audience member, in the only moment a genuine laugh could be heard throughout the packed auditorium.

Craig, looking hurt, stumbled on and on through his trainwreck of a show, each joke bombing worse than the last.

The climactic joke was a racist rehashing of his 1990 single, "Mona".

Explaining that the track had been successful in Iraq, he joked that Muslim prayers in that country had started to sound like his song.

At that point, the audience began chanting, "Get him off" and, "Off! Off! Off!".

This week, Craig has been accused of sexual misconduct during his time performing on stage in The Rocky Horror Show in 2014. He has strenuously denied the allegations.

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