Does this prove Melania and Donald Trump are about to split?

Bianca Soldani

After 13 years of marriage, Donald and Melania Trump let their wedding anniversary slip quietly by this week.

It was on January 22, and unlike the Obamas before them, there was no gushing Twitter exchange, or any public acknowledgement of the day at all.

According to Daily Mail, there wasn’t even any time put aside in the President’s schedule to celebrate the occasion.

Are things going down hill for Donald and Melania? Photo: Getty

Naturally, he’s a busy man, and they both have important jobs, but what’s really sent the rumour mill spinning is the fact that shortly after their anniversary silence, Melania decided to pull out of their trip to Davos in Switzerland.

They had planned to travel together, but Melania's communications director said she cancelled the trip because of 'scheduling and logistical issues'.

The move has sparked speculation about the stability of the couple’s relationship on Twitter, with people sharing awkward photos of the pair and joking that Melania is ‘finally making her escape’.

It doesn’t help that just a day before their anniversary, Melania posted a photo of herself and a soldier on her husband’s inauguration day and did not refer to him once while reflecting on her first year as FLOTUS.

Then of course, there are those headlines about Donald Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels.

This is what the former President tweeted on his wedding anniversary. Photo: Twitter

A couple’s therapist told Yahoo Lifestyle, “If your relationship is strong, then it would be more able to handle if you can’t spend the actual anniversary together.”

“If the relationship is on shaky ground, then it could be really bad that they’re not spending that time together. It could be a real indication that things are in decline.”* Why Trump avoids holding Melania’s hand

Anniversaries and other holidays are important because they’re times that remind people to reflect on how they’re doing.

They’re also occasions when other people might decide to check in on the relationship too.

Melania and Donald didn’t mark their anniversary with much fanfare last year either, but that hasn’t stopped people’s imaginations running wild on social media.

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