Domino's 10,001 free pizza flop is the new Census fail

Carly Williams

Put down the kale salad because Domino’s is giving away 10,001 free pizzas.

Cheesus crust!

The stunt is to celebrate their new Quality Fresh menu but we all know the real reason behind the giveaway.

But giving out free pizza doesn't come without a headache.

The Domino's app has already crashed by the hoardes of people wanting a slice.

The point of Domino’s fail freebee binge was to throw shade back at arch nemesis Pizza Hut after the company gave away 10,000 free Margherita pizzas last weekend, which was in response to Domino’s yanking the veteran flavour from their menu due to lack of sales.

Keeping up?

The new premium pizzas in the Quality Fresh launch include the Loaded Supreme, Cheesy Bacon Hawaiian, Mega Meatlovers, Four Cheese Deluxe, Grand Italian and Chicken and Camembert.

So, not only is Domino’s one-upping Pizza Hut by adding one shady extra pizza to the loot, you can choose from their premium range of toppings.

Plus you don’t have to physically go into the store to order – unlike Pizza Hut’s T&C’s.

Keeping up with the free pizza wars. Photo: Kendall Jenner

To try and get your chops around a free pizza, head to the Domino's Facebook Page and enter your details to get your voucher code.

Despite the fail, Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight says customers are frothing over the new pizza menu.

“Domino’s new Quality Fresh range includes the launch of 20 tasty new pizzas and sides over 20 weeks,” he said.

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“We are giving 10,001 customers the chance to find their new favourite pizza by trying one of our new premium pizzas for free.


“You don’t have to queue up outside our stores to be able to receive your free pizza; Domino’s likes to make our customer’s lives easier, so without leaving the comfort of your own home, you can download a code online to enjoy this giveaway.”

Are you feeling the burn, Pizza Hut?

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