Donald Trump gives a little kid the brush-off

Aletha Wilkinson

At this point, Donald Trump has definitively shown the world that he's the king of awkward handshakes.

Whether he's hanging on too tight, going in too early, or just missing the social cues completely, somehow ol' Donny always seems to make handshakes harder than they need to be.

But the US president's latest mix-up has parents all over the world groaning in sympathy, after he gave a small child the cold shoulder during the White House Halloween festivities.

As kids in dress-ups lined up to meet the POTUS and his wife Melania Trump, a tiny tot in an inflatable dinosaur costume approached, no doubt alive with excitement at the prospect of meeting the leader of the free world.

Look at the excitement there. Don't get your hopes up, kiddo. Source: Getty

Sadly for baby dino, though, Donald skipped straight from the littlie in front on to the little girl behind, leaving a crestfallen little T-Rex to wander off in search of some dignity, or maybe just some Hershey's Kisses.

Sorry buddy, no handshake for you. Source: Getty

Luckily for the rejected little tacker, this wasn't the first time Donald had made things uncomfortable in a hand-shaking scenario.

You can actually pinpoint the moment the dinosaur's heart breaks. Source: Getty

He himself was the recipient of a savage brush-off when he went in for a shake with the Polish first lady and got completely ignored.

Or there was the time his excruciating White House encounter with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe saw the visiting head of state rolling his eyes at the awkwardness.

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