Bachelorette’s Apollo lost half his body weight

Clearly wanting to put his best foot forward to impress Sophie Monk The Bachelorette, Apollo lost a lot of weight before making his debut on the show.

“I lost half my body weight,” the 24-year-old told NW.

Bachelorette Australia 2017 Channel 10 Apollo Sophie Monk

Apollo has revealed he lost half his body weight before appearing on The Bachelorette. Source: Channel 10

But his dramatic weight loss was actually live saving after the magician suffered a heart attack a couple of years ago.

“I put on 40 kilos, weighing 150kg, was mega-stressed, not happy and went through a bit of depression. Then I had a heart attack,” he told the magazine.

Channel 10 Bachelorette Australia 2017 Sophie Monk Apollo

After the magician suffered a heart attack he "reassessed" his life. Source: Channel 10

Apollo, real name Jake Spence, revealed to the publication that after the heart attack he “ended up in critical care for two weeks” and it forced him to totally “reassess [his] life”.

That is when he decided to turn to magic and performing and hasn’t looked back since.

Bachelorette Australia 2017 Apollo Sophie Monk

He is currently vying for Sophie Monk's heart on The Bachelorette. Source: Channel 10

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The magician blew Sophie away last night The Bachelorette after impressing her with some magic tricks.

Sophie was impressed by his magic skills on the premiere of The Bachelorette. Source: Channel 10

The 37-year-old couldn’t believe he was actually a magician because he wasn’t a total “nerd burger”.

Apollo is currently one of the 16 male suitors left vying for Sophie’s heart.

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