Ex-escort says women to blame for getting ‘played by men’

Allison Yee

Her former life saw her bedding thousands of men as a high class escort and Melbourne-based Gwyneth Montenegro has shared her insight into relationships and the power play that goes on.

Sex worker-turned-author Gywneth shot to fame after releasing her book 10,000 Men and Counting in 2014, and claims women are making it harder for themselves in the tricky world of modern dating.

Calling out the huge pressure society places on being in a relationship, Gwyneth says women are relinquishing control too easily when it comes to finding a partner.

Former sex worker Gwyneth has spilled on what she thinks women are doing wrong in relationships. Photo: Instagram/gwynethmontenegro

Instead, she says women need to play hard to get – and when they don’t, they’ve only got themselves to blame when men go rogue.

“Like it or not, we women get played by men because we let them,” Gwyneth told the Daily Mail.

"It's happening so often as women are way too often giving up their control and entering into a relationship from a position of 'need'."

Gwyneth has urged women not to buckle to society's pressure to be in a relationship. Photo: Instagram/gwynethmontenegro

After entering the sex industry at the age of 21, Gwyneth has since retired from her life as an elite escort, and now describes herself as a Intimacy Behaviorist on her website.

With her new book MEN OUTPLAYED - The Explosive Guide That Reveals Why Men Play Women and What To Do About It, Gwyneth is determined to help women navigate the tricky world of dating.

She's a firm believer of leading with your head, not your heart, and claims women shouldn’t let their self worth be let down by the idea that they need to find a partner.

It's something Gwyneth is clearly passionate about, with her website explaining she's determined to reveal the 'techniques used by empowered women the world over to better understand men at an intimate level.To outplay the player as it were.'

Gwyneth has given up her former career, and now works as an Intimacy Behaviorist. Photo: Instagram/gwynethmontenegro

However in news that might depress singletons out there, the former escort claims that understanding requires women to be on alert all the time, with 10 percent of men on the dating scene ‘career players’.

“Then there's other men who use the false premise of love to seek sex,” she told the Daily Mail.

“They represent another two in every 10 men. So before you even sit down across the table with the potential Mr Right you already have a 30 per cent change of teaming up with Mr Wrong.”   

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