High-class escort reveals the real reason men cheat

Sarah Carty

High-class escort Samantha X claims she knows why men cheat and why they do it over and over again.

According to Samantha, who runs her own escort agency and has just released her second book, Back on Top: Confessions of a High-Class Escort, men come to her looking for intimacy because they’re not getting it at home from their wives or girlfriends.

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“We live in a era of technology. We swipe left, swipe right and we’re more connected than ever but we’re more disconnected than ever,” Samantha told Be.

Samantha X has revealed the real reason men cheat. Photo: Supplied

“You can have 20 matches on tinder and still be craving intimacy. And that’s what we offer, we offer intimacy.”

Samantha says the wife of one of her clients called her a few months ago, asking her what she thinks of when she’s with her husband and why she believes he was cheating on her.

“I was really honest and said I think about what I’m having for dinner. I don’t think ‘oh he’s nice and I want to prize him away from his wife’,” Samantha said.

The wife asked Samantha if she though her husband would ever stop seeing escorts in the future if she took him back.

“I said no. Men never stop once they’ve started. They might stop for a few weeks, months or years but nine out of ten times they always come back,” she said.

“I couldn’t tell her what she could do She was a forty-something-year-old woman she probably knows deep down what she should do.”

She has just released her second book, Back on Top: Confessions of a High-Class Escort. Photo: Supplied

She said women should never blame themselves if their man strays. Photo: Supplied

However Samantha said she always tells the woman not to blame themselves for their partner straying in a relationship.

When it comes to what men want when they come to see her, the escort revealed it’s far tamer than you probably think.

“They think they want sex, they think that’s why they’re booking you but nine times out of ten, the appointment becomes a phycology session,” she said.

“I’ve always said I’m an overpaid physiologist.”

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