Sneaky fake baby bump trick to smuggle snacks into movies

Cindy Arboleda

Some people will do anything to save a bit of cash but this little movie snack trick has been dubbed ‘genius’.

Movie theatres sometimes can charge up to four times the retail price of candy, popcorn, and sodas.

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And so, rather than spend five bucks for a small bag of M&Ms, people are finding creative ways to get their snack fix at the theatre.

Like Angela Brisk, for example, who has shared images on Twitter showing how to pretend to be pregnant in order to get your candy fix for cheap.

This photo is not what it seems. Photo: Twitter

“Found a new way to get your snacks into a movie,” Angela captioned the tweet.

In the pic there is a hollow bowl from a craft store and placed underneath the sweatshirt. The trick makes her look like she is well into her third trimester.

The clever idea has since gone viral, with over 40,000 likes and nearly 19,000 retweets on Twitter and shares across Facebook.

People are singing her praises for sharing the idea with others.

One Twitter user suggested that it can also apply to men: “beer belly,” anyone?

Looks like many could soon be saving a few dollars on their next visit to the movies.

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