Girl catches her man cheating with a customer on the job

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A ratbag fiancé has been busted with his pants down, about to do the dirty with a client on the job.

It doesn’t get any more scandalous than this, guys.

I mean, if you’re about to get married and have an inkling your partner is a cheater, do you confront him privately?

Meet Kim. She was paid to 'honey trap' a woman's fiancè. Photo: To Catch a Cheater

Or, do you call the team at To Catch a Cheater to ‘honey trap’ your man and let the drama unfold on the Interwebs? The latter of course.

Here’s the scenario…

Leonardo is an IT technician who is called to Kim’s place to fix her laptop. Kim is an actress hired to try to seduce our alleged lady’s man.

Leonardo is called to Kim's house to fix her computer... it doesn't take long for the subject to change from IT to porn. Photo: To Catch a Cheater

What Leonardo doesn’t know is that there are cameras hidden all over ‘Kim’s apartment’ and his poor fiancée is watching everything from the broadcast van right outside.

Of course, Kim answers the door wearing just a towel and works hard to get Leo into the sack. She even brings out the fancy red wine.

“My computer is being really, really slow,” she explains while prancing around in tiny red lingerie.

Leonardo's fiancee watches the flirting unfold from a van outside the apartment. Photo: To Catch a Cheater

So far so good, right?

Leonardo asks Kim what she’s been doing with the laptop that could be making it so slow.

“I watch a lot of porn maybe it’s because of that?”

After a few more flirtatious exchanges, Leo and Kim go upstairs to the bedroom.

Initially, Leo insists he is 'on duty' and shouldn't be drinking. He also admits he has a girlfriend but says 'it's nothing serious.' Photo: To Catch a Cheater

This is when his fiancée rages into the house and busts Leonardo on the bed with his pants down. Awkward and kind of devastating.

Watch the video at the top of the article for the high-drama scenes.

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