Girl's sassy Valentine's Day card goes viral

Sarah Carty

For most of us, the first time we heard of Valentine’s Day was when we were in class and were told to write cards to each other.

Some of us may have spent hours drawing red roses, others lovingly laboured over poetic verses and some didn’t bother sending them at all.

But one girl has totally won over the Internet with her sassy Valentine’s Day note, which shows exactly the kind of independent lady she’ll grow up to be.

This is what the girl sent out to her classmates. Photo: Twitter

Michael Cruz Kayne took to his Twitter account to share an image of the cards his daughter sent out to the rest of her class.

It shows a bundle of different coloured cards, each with the same message.

Instead of asking somebody to be her Valentine or sending love hearts to her secret admirer, the little girl decided to take a different approach.

“My five-year-old daughter is writing Valentines for her kindergarten class and has written on all of them ‘you love me’,” her Dad captioned the picture.

She has all the confidence anybody needs in life. Photo: YouTube

Thinking it was a very cute mistake his daughter had made, Michael decided to pull her up on her it.

“I think you made a mistake,” he said to his daughter, to which she replied: “No I didn’t.”

Needless to say, people online were impressed with the little girl’s incredible confidence.

“This is the kind of confidence you need to go into life with - especially as a girl,” one commenter said.

“The baddest mean girl on the block,” another person said.

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