WATCH: Guy breaks down over cheating girlfriend caught on camera

Kristine Tarbert

When this man decided to set up his girlfriend as part of a show to catch cheating partners, he was definitely not prepared for what would happen.

The man, who was forced to sit and watch his partner flirt with another guy, couldn’t hold it together and burst into tears watching everything unfold.

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At the start of the clip, filmed by the YouTube show To Catch A Cheater, the guy is complaining that his girlfriend isn’t giving him oral sex and that her ‘feminism’ was becoming an issue for him.

While he admits he is actually looking at proposing to her he has no idea how long she had been interested in feminism but she had now cut off her hair and stopped shaving.

When his girlfriend starts flirting he can't hold back the tears. Photo: Youtube

In the footage the girlfriend can be seen sitting in a café studying when a hunky guy asks if he can sit with her.

He promptly starts flirting, asking if she’s a model, and her boyfriend watching on winces at every interaction, seemingly shocked she would even talk to someone else.

Hosts told him he needed to 'man up'. Photo: Youtube

After showing off his muscles, hot guy asks for her number which she gives him, leaving her boyfriend to start swearing and balling his eyes out.

He quickly decided he didn’t want to be filmed anymore and stalked out of the room.

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