Woman fires up after catching boyfriend cheating with a blonde model

Sarah Carty

A woman has been filmed furiously reacting to finding out her boyfriend of nearly a year had been cheating on her with a blonde model.

Monica went on the YouTube show, To Catch a Cheater, to find out what her beloved beau was really up to when she wasn’t around.

The show employed a blonde actress and sent her out to chat with the man, who fell right into the trap.

A girl set up her boyfriend with a blonde model to see if he would cheat on her. Photo: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

After ‘bumping into each other’, the actress asks if they could possibly meet up again sometime to ‘work on music’.

He agrees and puts his number in her phone, before she asks him: “You seem pretty popular A guy like you must have a girlfriend?

While the audio isn’t the best, the producers claim the boyfriend said it’s hard for him to get a girlfriend.

He then walks her to her car before giving her a hug goodbye.

They then arrange for the boyfriend to meet up with the actress on Friday night in a restaurant.

The boyfirned and the actress can be seen in the footage chatting away when his girlfriend suddenly shows up.

Needless to say, his girlfriend reacted badly when she found out he went out with the model. Photo: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

He tried to diffuse the situation by introducing Monica to the model, but she reacts by throwing a glass of water over him.

“Im so sorry about that, she’s my ex. Very, very crazy, Are you okay?” he asks the model.

“No actually I’m not, she’s my friend and actually this whole thing was set up and yeah, you did really bad and failed,” the actress replied.

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