You’ve been draining your pasta all wrong

Kristine Tarbert

Cooking pasta is one of the easiest things in the book.

Boil water, add pasta, wait, drain pasta and bam, that’s that.

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But turns out we might have been doing the straining part wrong the whole time – resulting in way too much splashing of boiling water than necessary.

Pasta is definitely a favourite among many. Photo: Getty

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A tweet has shared a completely different way of draining your pasta before plating up and we’re as shocked as you are.

No more trying to balance the strainer in the sink and transferring pasta between pot and strainer too many times.

How have you been draining your pasta? Photo: Getty

And people are going bananas over it.

Of course you might need to have a collection of different sized strainers at hand to fit a few pots.

And if you’re a rinser of pasta then keep doing it the other way, but this is definitely ideal if you’re whacking together a delicious one-pot creation, especially if you’re supposed to reserve some of the cooking water.

Either way, enjoy the end result.

Source: Giphy

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