The telltale signs your partner is cheating on you

Sarah Carty

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s when a cheater gets caught in the act.

Not only do straying love rats usually leave themselves totally open to getting busted, but there’s always a list of telltale signs showing they’ve been playing away from home.

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So before you whip out a lie detector test or hire a private investigator to prove that you’re right, we’ve compiled a checklist to see whether your partner’s been unfaithful.

Here's the telltale signs he's cheating on you. Photo: Universal Pictures

He blocks you from looking at his phone

According to body language analyst Judi James, his phone habits might some off some major red flags.

“They’ll also leave the room to take calls and leave the phone on and take texts 24/7, she told The Sun

“Everything is locked, too, in case you decide to take a sneaky look at their messages.”

Mel Greig also said you should look through his social media platforms to see who’s photos he’s been liking.

“This is not crazy person behaviour, they won’t admit it to you so you need to go detective on their ass for evidence,” Mel said in her column for Yahoo7 Be.

“This is how I found two of my ex’s flings after I found out about the affairs. #notcrazy #stilldateme.”

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They start accusing you of cheating

In one Reddit thread - where a woman asked for tips on how to catch her partner out - people were quick to ask whether her other half’s behaviour had drastically changed.

“If you haven't changed your behavior at all but suddenly they are paranoid/accusing about YOU cheating,” one person said.

If he’s constantly picking fights with you and accusing you of playing away, it could be his way of distancing himself from you and making it easier for him to feel less guilty about cheating.

Their bedroom antics will change

Despite getting it on at all hours of the day and night, Judi James told The Sun you shouldn’t expect your other half to lose their libido in the bedroom.

“All that cheating can power up their libido and they’ll be dying to try out all those new techniques they’ve been learning,” she said.

“Their increased sexual confidence means they might be more demanding and critical in bed, too.”

Catch your partner out. Photo: Getty Images

They’ll pick fights with you

Mel Greig, wrote in her Yahoo7 Be column that the cheater will make you feel like you’ve done something wrong, so they can feel better about themselves.

“He starts treating you like shit because he feels so guilty he needs to hate you to feel better, to make it your fault and to justify his actions,” she wrote.

Another guy on Reddit said his girlfriend also started acting possessive and it turned out she was cheating on him.

“She started getting weirdly jealous for no reason and began accusing me of cheating on her. It was so out of place and after a few arguments with her, it was obvious to me what was happening,” he wrote.

“So I waited until everything was just normal and calm and I sat her down and asked her now long she had been cheating on me. She tried to deny it one time and I just told her to stop lying and try the truth. She started crying immediately.”

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