Man's hilarious revenge Christmas present goes viral

Allison Yee

If you come from one of those family’s that loves a gag Christmas present, one man’s story about achieving the ultimate revenge gift on his sister will appeal to the very depths of your practical joker heart.

In a post titled 'Revenge of the Obnoxious Christmas Present' that’s since gone viral, one man has revealed the very detailed lengths he went to get his sister back after she stitched up him up with a gift a few years ago.

“In 2015, my sister gave my a candy bar wrapped in a whole roll of packing tape,” user gileriodekel revealed on Imgur.

Two years later, and one man has finally gotten payback on his sister's joke present. Photo: Imgur

“It was a pain in the ass to open and took forever. This year my wife and I teamed up to pay my sister back.”

After finding a bowling ball at a thrift store, the couple decided to stuff the thumb hole with a piece of paper containing $40 in it.

A seemingly innocent bowling ball becomes a hideous present, courtesy of this man and his wife. Photo: Imgur
Yep, that's a layer of fat being smeared on the bowling ball. Photo: Imgur

“I honestly didn't think it would be able to fit, so to say this is tightly in there is an understatement,” he revealed.

Not content with that, the pair stuffed in two decoy notes to throw his sister off the track.

Then came the outrageously extensive treatment to the bowling ball which left the internet in hysterics.

So much joy, so much cling film. Photo: Imgur

After wrapping the bowling ball in clingfilm, the couple smeared it in shortening (aka fat). Then came another layer of clingfilm, then two entire rolls of duct tape, another layer of cling film, and another layer of duct tape (sticky side out).

“It was at about this point that we started to realize how much time this was ACTUALLY going to take to unwrap this,” wrote gileriodekel.

Multiple layers of cling film, fat and duct tape ensue. Photo: Imgur

“We started wondering if we were bad people, especially since its only half wrapped at this point.”

Yep, the pair weren’t finished. From there, the ball went into a plastic box with 83 holes drilled into the lid – each hole with a tight zip tie through it.

The man made sure to tie the zip ties so tight, they'd be insanely hard to cut off. Photo: Imgur

That box then went into another box with a four-digit code, with gileriodekel devising a series of questions for his sister to answer to get the code.

“My whole family is Mormon and I'm a huge history geek,” he wrote.

“I thought it would be cool to code the riddles in the Deseret Alphabet, which is English with a phonetic alphabet that the Mormons developed in the 1850's.”

The end product, and no doubt the source of much frustration for the man's sister. Photo: Imgur

“Let's hope she takes it well!” gileriodekel signed off the post.

“ I'm planning on filming the whole thing or until she gives up. I'll post it if I'm able to!”

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