Inside the royal family's secret dress code

Allison Yee

When it comes to the royal wardrobes, you could be forgiven for thinking they all have pretty eccentric tastes in their clothing.

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Adorable Prince George hasn’t met a pair of shorts he doesn’t like, while outside of formal occasions, his dad Prince William seems to shun all other forms of pants for a perfectly pressed pair of chinos.

But it turns out protocol actually dictates a lot of what the royal family wear.

History is behind Prince George's constant parade of shorts - not his mum, Kate. Photo: Getty

Stop blaming Kate Middleton for Prince George constantly rocking short shorts – instead, the trend harks back to a British class marker dating back to olden times where young boys wore gowns and dresses until they were old enough to wear shorts. Trousers were considered 'suburban'.

For Prince William, chinos are his clothing of choice due to his varied schedule, and the need for him to be able to enter all venues – something that might not happen if he was in jeans.

One must make sure he's never underdressed... Photo: Getty

Meanwhile, the Queen has the best reason for always being seen in a pair of gloves.

Source: Giphy

Not only do they help her keep her fingers warm, given the amount of hands she has to touch (all germophobes can identify with this) it helps protect her Majesty from being subject to all the germs.

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