'Ghost' caught on camera violently shaking school lockers

Sarah Carty

A school had captured CCTV footage of a ‘ghost’ violently shaking lockers and we’re not sure any students will wants to return after seeing the video.

Deerpark CBS, which is located in Cork in the south of Ireland, uploaded the eerie footage to their Facebook page, after filming some creeping happenings during the night.

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“Anyone have the number for ghostbusters?” the school captioned the video, which shows a school corridor they claim is haunted by a poltergeist.

A ghost was caught on camera at a school in Cork, Ireland. Photo: Deerpark CBS

The video starts out normal until you hear a loud bang, which sounds like a door slamming and then the locker to the left of the screen begin to shake aggressively.

Papers are then shown flying out before a sign is thrown across the floor.

However many think it might be a prank as the school are hosting a Halloween event this month.

“We can't explain the footage, but we invite people to make up their own minds on Sunday 29th October - we are holding an event at the school called 'FearPark*, Deerpark CBS Principal Kevin Barry told Irish publication Independent.ie.

“That's not a cctv camera wouldn't be the same height as a notice bored and plus why would you have another one around 4/5 meters away from where this so called camera is recording it as all cctv camera must be at ceiling height or on wall close enough to ceiling with no objects in its way,” one Facebook commenter said.

“Brilliant idea! Well done and just in time for Halloween,” another said.

The ghost could be seen violently shaking lockers in the school. Photo: Deerpark CBS

However others were convinced it’s a ghost terrorising the school at night.

“The door banging nearly gave me a heart attack!!!! Me very very scared now!!! Plllleeeeaaase tell me that this is not real??????????,” one person said.

“I'm freaked out... wish I hadn't watched this so near bed time!!” another commenter said.

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