Jason Dundas: ‘The X Factor has brought me to tears’

Jennifer Fletcher

New X Factor host Jason Dundas says he can’t wait for the next installment of hit show to be aired.

“It’s fresh, it’s quick. The talent is incredible, it made me cry a two or three times,” he told The Morning Show. “It’s so raw. It’s full on.”

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Jason Dundas. Source: The Morning Show

“Iggy Azaela is from the same town of Mullumbimby as my dad. I grew up there,” Dundas says. “Guy Sebastian is back and Adam Lambert, who’s pretty big in the US.”

The 34-year-old LA-based Aussie says he was in the running for the US version of the show but was beaten to the post by a famous reality star!

Iggy Azaelea. Source: Getty

“I was in the running in the US,” he admitted. “I think they gave it someone called Khloe Kardashian (laughs).”

But Dundas says he’s glad to be back Down Under after his “lonely” time in LA.

“It’s hard to build a sense of community in LA,” he revealed. “It’s a really interesting city.”

Jesinta Campbell and Jason Dundas at the David Jones show. Source: Getty

What’s more, Dundas also cleared up rumours he was having an argument with Jesinta Campbell at yesterday’s David Jones 2016 show.

Jason Dundas walks the runway at the David Jones show. Source: Splash

“We were waiting to take a photo on the runway, and were having a laugh about what we’d eat after the show,” he added.

“She was like ‘no way, you’re going to eat that.’ We’re talking about having a burger after the show, but it’s crazy how the camera caught us looking like we were arguing.”

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