Kate Beckinsale shuts down David Walliams dating rumours....

Stephanie Soteriou

Kate Beckinsale has taken to social media to deny all rumours that she is dating her close friend David Walliams, and we have to admit, she did it in the best way ever.

The actress gave celebs everywhere a lesson in how to handle the rumour mill as she shared a photo taken by the paparazzi of herself and David enjoying a fun dinner date.

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Kate Beckinsale and David Walliams. Source: Splash

Alongside the image, Kate tweeted: “This is my dear friend, @davidwalliams. If I ever see him naked I will immediately tattoo a [aubergine emoji] on my face for clarity.

"Until that appears, everyone can relax and know we are friends, as we have been for the last 2000 years.

"Ps The size of the tattoo is unlikely to be actual size. As far as I know.”

Kate and David enjoying dinner. Source: Splash

Absolutely brilliant - and David obviously agreed, retweeting his pal’s message onto his own Twitter page.

The pair have been the best of friends for a long ol’ time, but back in 2009 David raised eyebrows when he said that Kate was his “ideal woman” and admitted to having a not-so-secret crush on her.

When asked who his ideal woman was, the star replied: “There’s a couple of girls I know and they are amazing, so much fun, and they’re so amusing and naughty and beautiful.

"One’s Kate Beckinsale, that I’ve known for a really long time, since before she was well known, and Natalie Imbruglia as well. When I’m with them I turn to jelly because they’re so exciting to be with, but neither of them would ever go out with me, so I can’t.”

N'aww - never say never, eh David?

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